Tamara Willems

dot to tiny dot…

It’s connection,
that’s what it is…   connection
that blesses our lives
so much is said for how technology can isolate, falsify,
cause us to compare, degenerate, devalue, over-value
degrade, dis-

yet the amazing thing for me is the power it has
to connect
where yesterday I comment to a newly discovered songwriter 
about the release of an upcoming album
a song and a voice that I love and appreciate
and quite amazingly to me,  I hear back from him
where I can tell an author, an artist, a creator of sorts
how much I appreciate their work
send a note to a friend, in love, in
or in
and we can
even miles away
in appreciation and gratitude

we all have our own individual ways of creating
some small thing, or something very grand
some bit of goodness
possibly it’s a friendship, an acquaintance
or maybe just
someone you would like
to know
something wonderful happens and you would like to
or something awful
and still it is the connection with others
that graces us

we are so many in this great and wobbly old world
it is just nice sometimes to say
thank you

for being here sharing this
with me
as I
appreciate you so ♥

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