Tamara Willems

a day designed for love…

On a day designed
for love
or was it, a day designed
to sell flowers

either way,

begin your day in kindness
an early valentine arrives from a
one good heart squeeze
to start the day

think of nudging the one beside me

a return trip to the Specialist
to tell you that You
are doing just fine
even takes a few extra minutes
in his busy day, to be
very kind
and better still, he tells you
that You
are the best sinus patient
has ever had

and this one I pin to my chest
like a badge of honour
and for the rest of the day
I wear it
like sunshine

I share a little with the birds,
or perhaps it is they
who share it

and then
because I am most gratefully now
beginning to breathe
quite freely
I try to take in great lungs-full of the
fresh cold air
through my nose
and hold it here in my chest, and smile, wide

let my heart

then I send it out on the breeze
in waves of goodness
to find you

wherever you are
on this day designed
for love

make sure you are open
to letting

move you ♥

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