Tamara Willems

moving gently through words…

Last night I knock a jar of ginger down 
off the shelf 
which then hits the dinner plate below 
breaking off an edge 
a brief moment of devastation and 
as someone who talks to herself a lot 
I am very conscious of  
harsh, defeating self-talk 
and it’s something I do not do 
it’s a moment, it’s a plate, not something I can  
pushing through days of slight  
floundering a little, I suppose 
into that
end of July feeling 
giving way to the onset of August 
to come 
ask for what you need, I believe 
try to tell him I’m needing a little undivided 
except of course when you come at him like a  
raging lunatic 
he somehow fails to listen 
possibly feeling like he’s mistakenly been
spun through the wrong 

not at all disappointed by the rain today 
feels about  
I’ve just finished a book about the Arctic,  
the Inuit and their inherent right  
to be cold 
about what we have done, and continue to do 
(or rather fail to do) 
to a people, to our planet 
we really can be a horrible, unrelenting people 
in a constant quest for control and  

this morning I willingly dive into  
Saved By a Song 
The Art and Healing Power of Songwriting 
by Mary Gauthier
and I hold it gently as I read 
feeling a great well of tears bouncing around 
inside me 
indeed like dancing raindrops 
on parched ground 
where every word feels like it is touching 
just the right spot 
of tenderness and pain 
in the most wonderful way 
forever I feel, I just wish you didn’t have to go through 
this pain 
addictions and unworthiness that touch so many 
yet how wonderfully open and giving 
she is of truth, talent, insight and heart 
songwriting is something that amazes me entirely 
how it’s done, when it is done well 
how words connect us 
speak to us and for us 
and how great the power of words 
help to carry one  
May you dear reader (ever hopeful there may be at least one) 
find gentle things in your day 
that touch your heart 

even if it’s just to remind you  
where it is  ♥

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