Tamara Willems

a bowl of warm soup, when this is all i know to do…

To be there for someone in a time 
of loss 
to offer one love and support 
above all I think, kindness 

there is no taking away the profound emptiness
of a light either slowly or suddenly 

for a time there is no explaining it better
no real  
understanding it more 
reversal of fortunes 
there is only the loss and the  
and the tug you can feel on the inside 
and the ache 
the dull numbing ache that 
and the fog that will fill your ears 
and your vision 
and cause you to move through days 
in slow motion 

yet also you will see 
there is love 
there is love that somehow holds it all together 
while respectfully 
watching it all fall apart 
there is love that underlines the good and the 
among the sadness, the uncomfortable, the 
there is love that remains 
and almost unfailingly  
sometimes just quietly off in the corner 
as not to disturb 
then arriving as a bowl of warm soup 
for comfort 
best to be taken in small sacred spoonfuls 
my love to you my cousins 
on the loss of your Dad,  
a son, a baby brother, a husband, an uncle, a cousin 
a grandfather, a 
a light in the world of remarkable family memories 
shared or endured 
but with kindness as the cure
Good night Uncle Chris, I forgive you for letting me fall out of your car  
I will love you always ♥

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