Tamara Willems

early harvest of sorts…

When the goldenrod begins to bloom
and the hummingbird traffic
the sun
moves over just a little more
in the sky
and the sugar maples start boldly in to
when yellow-jackets take a keen interest
in each and every movement
and apples begin a slight
rosy-ing up

one hesitates to miss that late day stretch
of the sun
as now it tends to rise from slumbers
a little

I try not to give in to the feeling that is
late August
as the season begins
to fade

always the underlying unease of
back to school hits
no matter
of age
takes me a bit low, with worries
I can’t quite put my finger

possibly one feels
the layering of years in the rearview

I’m currently reading a quite interesting
but at times heavy sort of book
that keeps tears
rather close to the surface
yet still enjoying very much, learning
about things I feel somehow
I might have

has me going over things in my head
memories of days past
and the after effects of things
to deal with

on the inside

only part way through, and
more to say on this, I’m sure)

I am, as ever
well cloaked in gratitude (as well)
for things that bring me great joy
and peace
for my dear husband and our family of course,
for friends who care for me
and my well-being
as indeed I do
for surroundings that
never fail
to welcome me
embracing me tenderly, with offerings of
stillness and peace

as well, always I will say
my gratitude
for love

for love that flows to me
and love that flows through me
surrounds me
humbles me
and opens me

to the kinder things
of this great world

and I can assure you,
I will continue to gather
and leave them
just here, on your doorstep
should you find yourself
at anytime

proof ♥

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