Tamara Willems

and again to losses and to gains…

This morning, first thing I pull on my husband’s coat
and big boots
and I go outside
to feed the birds

the sky is overcast and
but the air
and though I am barely awake
I breathe deep and smile
in gratitude

here’s what I’ve been doing lately,
I have a friend whose heart is aching
missing a beautiful light of a sister
who became a dear friend of my heart
gone just,  much too soon
and I wish to hold her hand when she aches
I have friends who are grieving the loss of their mother
and holes that cannot be filled
a mother who touched my life with great kindness
and love
and the only way I know to fill these holes
are of giving, much of the same
a few days ago my friend at work loses her sister-in-law
a peaceful ending to a struggle for wellness
that still strikes the heart as
simply too soon
on Monday I come in from work to news that my great Uncle Tony has died
my Gran’s brother
such a lovely kind man
who talked to me of books, and knowledge
come to the end of his life, leaving behind him
a gentle and profound legacy of love
Tuesday evening, I come across news that my friend Michael has died
and I search for a time to find answers
you see Michael and I don’t really know each other, well
we became friends, I think through our appreciation for PBS
when I received a friend request, and a message that said,
“I like your vibe”
that touched me and made me smile
later comments from Michael would include
“I don’t know who you are…  but you make the world better”

Michael had a wonderful smile,  a husband named Stephen
cats and many friends, that he loved and that
loved him
I wish that
could have hugged him
our friendship was bonded by an offering of Love and Kindness
to the world
and this is where I’ll hold on to Michael Durand
in my heart

so again…
what I’m thinking about today .. is love
and how each day we can be touched by
and either has the power to gather us in
or bowl us under
and in each moment we can choose
to shrink

and all I have to offer…  is this
as I say most often it seems these days,
hold on to each other
offer someone a kindness
a shoulder
a connection
in your day to day –
value someone’s worth
as well as
your own
say Thank you
and I appreciate you
say I love you
touch hearts
touch hands
and be kind
and be kind
and be kind

time passes…

As I am pouring my coffee
I look out the window
to see
a new bird at the feeder
one I have never seen before
brilliant and beautiful in colour
I know I will never make it to the camera
and back
before he goes,
so I just stand in awe, and in
I bring my hands together… (as I do)
I thank him for coming,
and I name him

Peace be with you, my friend
Thank you

and to you,
May peace
be with you too  ♥

“The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand. They are moments when we touch one another” 
~ Jack Kornfield

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