Tamara Willems

ordinary everyday light…

What is it, I can tell you today…
really it’s the same old thing,
it’s all in a living of
and why even do I keep telling you about
ordinary things
the same sights, the same sounds
the same rays of sunshine?
Oh, I suppose I could tell you about outrage
unkindness, blatant ignorance and racist remarks
nasty opinions based on rancid
over-stuffed egos spewing fetid fumes
no need to listen, educate or
soften a sight line
but there is no poetry in
no…   what I want to tell you,  what I want
somehow for you to see,

are the incredible flashes of light that dance across the bottom stair
where you sit
well before dawn
trying calmly to soothe the dog
through each resounding rumble of thunder
that has him terrified and panting
as your feet cramp, your neck cricks and your arm aches
maybe you would rather be
asleep,  in bed..
still, you continue to stroke his chest
watch the lighting, whisper comforts
because this boy
is so much kindness

and how much joy is contained in a bright toddler
coming down the stairs
step by careful
to greet another day
of discovering a house where he has spent the night
where each one of us
his new best friend
how much it touches one’s heart to see your own grown children
entertain, imagine and play, as if WE
are each the same age
as this
pure magic

how life affirming it can be
to walk outside and once again greet the flowers
each exuding jubilance
after a night of rain
now showered wondrously by golden
how even the fading beauties
and how raindrops on bee balm appear just like diamonds
in your pictures
how each busy bee, and beautiful butterfly
feels like such a gracious privilege
to welcome
sweet things

pausing in mid-step to expand one’s spine
the warming pleasure of sunshine
on the back of your neck, and shoulders
caresses of

how kissing the very same man,
well over twenty-seven years of kisses
can astonishingly
swell the ground under your feet
every time

when they are all gone, in different directions
off on their day,
and the house is empty
except for you
the dogs peacefully asleep on the floor
at your feet
you put on a little music
sit down with a deep glass of lemony crisp water,
and fresh mint
bring a gorgeously juicy red raspberry to your lips
savour the sweetness
it contains

then think about how very wonderful
is all

and how very lucky
you feel
to appreciate


of beautiful ordinary
every day

that’s gratitude
for ya

that’s all
I wanted to tell you,
…   … .. same old thing

(sigh….. )

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