Tamara Willems

thoughts on gratitude…

Thoughts on gratitude,
when you begin to practice gratitude
every day
then every day gratitude

here then a few things I am
grateful for

this week I did something a bit
brave, but something just for me
that now will stay with
and it has me feeling exceedingly wonderful

yesterday, I bought a new (to me) lamp
and some lunch plates
that are so exquisitely simple and lovely
and also
a new dress
all for about 25 bucks

I found some new songs, that I like
mostly about love
and I put them all together for myself
so that when I listen I am soothed by

today I kept thinking it felt like a Sunday
and my husband reminded me
that tomorrow was not a work day
for me
and suddenly the luxury of a day
felt so very

I held space for a friend
who needed a breath
and I carry what I can of the pain

I have someone to love, that I value
so much
I am sure to tell him so

I am blessed by love, I am touched by
and I am everyday grateful
for quite simple things

and if you aren’t already thinking me odd
sometimes it feels so lovely
I could all day, almost hug

it’s a practice
it’s awareness
and it’s not so very hard,

so tell me some small bit of sweetness
from your day…  ♥

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