Tamara Willems

touching giants…

This morning I look at the Isle of Lewis 
and the standing stones of Callanish 
where one legend has them as the remnants of giants  
turned to stone 
and I think of placing one’s palm just there 
and breathing this in 
I find myself a bit staggeringly saddened 
by the loss of my friend Rob 
to come across a picture of him 
to see that face, and to somehow come to terms 
with the permanence of 
his not being here 
pangs of how grief touches one 
and really, the sadness of just what someone’s life 
come to 

this morning, I am again in  
delightful conversation with the utterly charming 
Stanley Tucci 
where every bit of this lovely book has me  
gladly devouring each word 
all the while interrupting my reading by sharing thoughts 
with my husband 
in part, I read a description of, as well as 
a recipe for a cocktail, the Old Fashioned 
I am not really a consumer of liquors, not being much of a drinker 
yet, I read each detail thoroughly 
and savour the flavours  
as described 

periodically, my mindfulness bell chimes 
bringing me back to breath 
and consciously 
the present moment 
this has me thinking about the notion of 
how we fail ourselves with over-consumption  
how often we fail to  
too much food, too many ingredients 
too much drink, too much talk, too much to look at 
to see, to take in,  
to do
too much information, too much self-imposed
too much this, too much that 
things we claim to love 
but we fail to take the time to simply 
appreciate the gorgeous, gentle subtleties  
when we over-indulge, or expose
when we are gluttonous to consume
we fail to appreciate
the fullness 

we fail ourselves

this is not to say that I am some sort of expert on 
such things 
this is simply to say 
maybe just take a little more time 
to suss out the subtleness of a thing 
to momentarily  
the small joys of the things that you do everyday 
the things that you taste, that you see 
that you listen to 
to each person you meet, 
and most certainly
to those 

that you love 
savour the moments 
as they come

honour and appreciate
as the sweetness 
on your 
tongue ♥

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