Tamara Willems

morning yet breaks…

small bits of writing from the past few days

Ways in which
could love you


this morning I am up much before the sun
as my wandering brain has well
begun thinking of things
to be done (tis the season and all that)
it feels quite
walking softly through
the dark, still sleeping
a quiet, burgeoning
no creature yet stirring
except of course…

None finished,
where each day has been quite quickly
swallowed up

errand and

this morning I am up yet again,
to where the sky barely recognizes
it’s day

the dog has kept me up most
of the night
our large fellow, finding it
to climb the stairs
repeated whimpering calls
for assistance
the small ancient dog, who can no longer see
decides it must be morning
repeatedly scratches my arm, my head, my

so I am up
not feeling quite as
peaceful this morning
instead, feeling a little on
knowing this does not begin a week

I make the coffee and sit
jaw clenched
and try to read my book
but really, what is the point in being grumpy
if you cannot let anyone know
I think it somehow requires audience participation
to really get it going

and here,
the big dog content and gently snoring
lies in comfort
at my feet
my dear husband, who actually came down first
is asleep on the couch
and the little dog wanders around, bumping into things

around me all the trappings of Christmas
many Santas from my collection
popcorn and cranberry chains,
pockets on the advent calendar waiting to be explored
our newly decorated tree
lights, on a timer
pops on in the dark, softly brightening the other room

I look up from my book to see
the beginning of the day’s
through my window

strings of ivy on the screen
showing signs

and I realize
how the day begins
is all

in the view ♥

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